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In the Year of the Artist 2000

A play with music ...a tender and comic modern day fairy story with a definite twist...!


When a local girls pops into the centre to buy a lobelia she accidentally gets mixed up in a wish being created by dotty Doris the irascible pond nymph for Quincy.  ‘Rosa’ a commissioned new piece of music theatre was specially written and performed in Feelgood’s unique open-air promenade style - complete with flooded river - with fabulous a cappella in a community where there is little provision for theatre.  Performed at Daisy Nook Garden Centre.


Writer, director, musical director, actors and designer rehearsed as the public strolled around. Many stayed all day and had their ideas incorporated into the final piece. Hundreds came back to see the finished production.


The Year of the Artist - 2000 - A 1000 artists in a 1000 places


The aim of the Year of the Artist was to celebrate living artists and to promote greater awareness of the role and status of the artist in society.   An access project for dreamers, innovators and engineers of the imagination as well as those committed to social values, education and community development.


The Year of the Artist was the culmination of the Arts Council’s Arts 2000 series, which aimed to celebrate Britain’s artistic achievements and lay the foundations for cultural life in the new millennium.


Each region of the UK contributed to a national programme of arts activity that celebrated artists across all art forms. Residencies took place in almost any context, in interesting, innovative, unusual, quirky exciting and surprising places, as well as in the more predictable - for example our ‘Rosa’ - giving the public at large a change to engage and enjoy meeting and working directly with artists.




Caroline Clegg (Rosa), Allison Clarke (Doris), Ian Casey (Quincy), Tony Broughton (Tenacity Holroyd), Faith Watson (Blackbird), Lilly Watkins (Bridesmaid).


Production Team:

Christine Watkins (Writer), Caroline Clegg (Producer/Director), Faith Watson (Composer), Allison Clarke (Designer), Paul Tyler (Daisy Nook Manager).

“...the actors are prancing through the shrubs and singing loudly between ornamental garden bears and roses… the singing is rather good actually, its definitely worth popping down to the garden centre for this most innovative and thought provoking piece of new work...” - The Independent

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