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Feelgood Education

Since Feelgood was founded in 1994, the Company has designed a range of accessible workshops and educational experiences for participants of all ages and from a variety of backgrounds. We believe that by giving people an opportunity to work alongside theatre professionals that they can acquire skills, have fun and take part in activities that can enhance both their lives and enrich local communities. Each workshop is bespoke to the current production.  

We aim to: 


  • Promote all aspects of theatre and music theatre as an educational medium in schools, colleges and community groups. 

  • Develop projects in line with the National Curriculum. 

  • Devise exciting multidisciplinary projects that encourage cross art form collaboration. 

  • Design tailor-made, hands-on workshops for you.


Our key objective is that our workshops increase understanding of a specified topic whilst providing a platform for participants to be creative, confident and enthusiastic about a particular area of study.


Our work is thought provoking and fun and builds knowledge through participation with experienced directors, producers, actors, and facilitators, often leading to students creating their own work which can be used as evidence for course work.

Workshop Menu: 


  • Drama, Theatre Studies, Performing Arts, Opera. 

  • Music 

  • Creative Writing / English Literature 

  • Theatre Craft - Art, Design, Costume and Stage Management 

  • Presentation Skills 

  • Team Building



“The Workshop was excellent.  Full of energy that was transmitted to our students and left them with a sense of achievement”

(The Albion High School, Romeo and Juliet Workshop)


“Students were motivated by the activities and it has inspired some of them to include similar activities in their own public presentations.”

(Stamford High School, Romeo and Juliet Workshop)


“I thought it was a very exciting workshop, particularly seeing the actors improvise the characters and rehearsing the scene.  Thank you, I hope we can do it again next year!”

(Chorlton High School, Blue Remembered Hills Workshop)

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