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"Feelgood are a jewel in Manchester’s theatrical crown…"   Manchester Evening News


2020, what a year!  Like so many independent companies and artists we have faced challenging times this year and not been able to create any new work due to the Covid19 pandemic.  The nature of our site-specific work in Heaton Park is promenade using the beautiful park land and Hall interior. Logistically, artistically, and financially there are too many constraints and therefore neither live shows nor filmed versions were possible.

However, I would like to thank all those who have sent us emails of support and we promise we will be back brimming with new ideas.  


It was wonderful last year to see record audiences in our 25th anniversary year 2019 for our performances of  Dracula - The Blood Count of Heaton and our incredibly special performance of These Days - The Manchester Peace Song Cycle on Remembrance Sunday in Manchester Cathedral.

Last year gave us the opportunity to thank all the creatives, supporters and sponsors who enabled Feelgood over 25 years to become the award-winning company it is today.  

For 2021

We have many bold and innovative ideas for new shows and events, and we will keep you abreast of those here.  In the meantime, to Feelgooders' old and new, a heartfelt thank you for all your support and may we in return send you our very best wishes and sincere hope that you all stay safe and well until we see celebrating at a show once again.

Caroline Clegg, Artistic Director

Founded in 1994 by Caroline Clegg  Feelgood's mission is to create theatre with a definite sense of risk and adventure that delights audiences young and old with the sheer joy and surprise of live theatre. 

Bold productions at traditional and site-specific venues world-wide have enthralled 350,000 audience members and 14,500 workshop participants at site specific and traditional venues.   

We have flown aeroplanes in for the start of a show, jumped off cliff tops and created spectacular shows in Africa, Europe and the West End;

We have employed 650 creatives through 35 original productions, 15 world premieres, 30 new compositions and 35 education programmes. 

Feelgood's roots are firmly embedded in great story telling and outstanding production values.  We have been honoured with multiple awards and  2016 saw our triumphant return to Heaton Park and Hall where we are now the resident stakeholder theatre company, creating spectacular site-specific, outdoor promenade and hauntingly beautiful indoor commissions.


"A remarkable example of collaboration, realised by Caroline Clegg and Feelgood... it made for an absorbing and very moving experience."

Robert Beale, Classic Music Review 2018     4 Stars

"Tenderly articulated stories told eloquently through song ... The night ends positively with a rallying call to us all to have open minds and hearts; and to fly kites not drones."

Moses Kabunga, Quays Life 2019   4 Stars

Welcome to Feelgood, 2020

Remembrance 2020

As many of you know we began an Armistice Day in 2016 and this has included two new plays, Whispers of Heaton and four Remembrance Events including the opening of the Somme Memorial in Heaton Park.  These moving events commemorate and honour all those who have suffered in conflict and celebrate our lasting peace. We are delighted that this annual event has been embraced by the community and this year more than ever we feel there is a need to come together and applaud our communities and share our ideals for the future.

We have created a special film for Remembrance Sunday and Armistice Day which you can follow as your own tribute:

     Feelgood Theatre Productions