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"Whispers of Heaton"

By Feelgood Theatre Productions


Heaton Hall & Park

26th - 30th May and 11th - 13th November 2016 


The great rooms of Heaton Hall once again echoed with the voices of the past revealing a myriad of timeless stories.

Two short plays tell tales of uncompromising love and courage, laughter and humanity at a time when the First World War and the Somme changed lives forever. 


Jon-Paul Bell (Walter, Albert), Elianne Byrne (Ann, Minnie (1941), Adeline Von Williams), Sophie Coward (Minnie (1914), Nancy, Mary Hargreaves), Joseph Jordan (George), Dave Clegg (Caretaker), Amy Webb (Singer), Stephanie Stamopoulos (Cellist), Tangled Dance Company - Amy Eccleston, Helen McCarron, Georgina Abbot.



“It all adds to a powerful message on the consequences of war.”

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