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"Wind in the Willows"
Tour 1999

Following the award winning Wizard, ‘Mr Toad’ burst into the countryside in Alan Bennett’s fabulous adaptation of this well-loved and charming tale of Ratty, Mole and Badger. When Mole goes boating with Ratty instead of spring cleaning he discovers a whole new world that he never knew about, a world that audiences queued to see. This action packed production was not ‘fluffy bunny’ it even included Albert a real talking horse! It came complete with a brand new vocal score by Faith Watson with new songs written by writer and comedian Mike Harding.


Young people from across the region were once again given performance opportunities and the whole countryside buzzed with the antics of Toad and co.




Paul Danby (Mr. Toad), Eve Robertson (Mole), Ian Casey (Ratty/Bargewoman), Stephen Svanholm (Badger/Train Driver/A Hedgehog/A Weasel), Jill Kemp (Otter/Gaoler’s Daughter/Motorist/Musician/ Weasel/Rabbit), Claire Moorhouse (Chief Weasel/A Rabbit), Richard Eton (Washerwoman/Car Salesman/ Rabbit/Magistrate/Sentry), Lisa Mildenhall (Rose Rabbit/Weasel/Policeman) Adam Hawes (Portly), Albert the Horse (Various Four-legged friends).


Production Team:

Caroline Clegg (Porducer/Director), Faith Watson (Musical Director), Mike Harding (Song Writer), Allison Clarke (Designer), MANCAT (Wardrobe).

“...The Feelgood factor is a clever update on a classic tale… with a brilliant rollerblading Toad, talking horse and the River Medlock standing in for the Thames… this is more than just a joly japes and furry animals show it, this outdoor walkabout adaptation is packed with great ideas...” -

Manchester Evening News

“...this is probably the most enjoyable piece of theatre you’ll see all year… the phrase ‘adults will love it too’ is an overused one but in this instance it’s completely true… imagination and spectacle is behind this Wind in the Willows, how often does one get to see a man with a green face abseil down the side of a torch lit country manor… its this attention to detail which makes it so uniquely involving… you leave the car and enter into the character’s world...” - City Life

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