"Slave: A Question of Freedom"

An Amazing Story...

In the Nuba mountains of Sudan, life is still a good fire around which stories are told, until the men on horseback come. They burn the village, murder, rape and abduct the children to be sold into slavery. Mende Nazer was one of those children. In 2000, after seven years, she was passed on to a diplomat’s family in London. She escaped, only to face a new struggle for political asylum.

A cast of eight presented Mende’s story as an intimate theatrical feast of storytelling, music and dance. Her inspiring and moving journey celebrates the beauty of the ancient Nuba culture, the reality of the 21st century slave trade and her indomitable spirit in the face of shattered dreams.

As a result of the show, Feelgood raised enough money to re-build a destroyed school in the Nuba Mountains.  Due to ongoing political instability this was not possible, however, Mende, Baroness Cox and Caroline Clegg were able to visit Sudan in 2017 to take much needed medical aid to the area.

The Lowry, The House of Lords & National Tour

2010 & 2011


Winner of the inaugural Pete Postlethwaite Best New Play Award and The Media Award from the Human Trafficking Foundation (joint winners with BBC)

An adaptation of Mende Nazer's Autobiography, 'Slave' by Mende Nazer & Damien Lewis

Adapted for the stage by Caroline Clegg & Kevin Fegan

This is a wonderful story that packs a serious punch! It will challenge you to consider what it is to be free and ask why are there now ten times more people in slavery than at the height of the transatlantic slave trade? 


The show premiered at the Lowry in September 2010 and then toured the UK in 2011 following a residency at the Riverside Studios, and the Slavery museum in Liverpool. A special presentation hosted by Lord David Alton and Nuba Mountains Solidarity Abroad was held in the House of Lords on 30th Nov 2010.  It was supported by Lord Navnit Dholakia, Baroness May Blood, Baroness Lola Young and Baroness Nuala O’Loan. Extracts of the play was a powerful support of key motions to encourage the British government to support the EU Resolution to reduce trafficking and to bring attention to the continuing plight of many millions of enslaved people around the world.   The Modern Slavery Bill was passed 26 March 2015 which strengthens the law and addresses many of the issues involved in slavery and trafficking.


To follow the work of Mende, go to the Mende Nazer Foundation.


The show was launched at The Lowry in August 2010 and was followed by a private performance at The House of Lords on 30 November 2010 where the audience included Lord David Alton, Lord Navnit Dholakia, Baroness May Blood, Baroness Lola Young and Baroness Nuala O’Loan.

The extracts were followed by questions for a panel of special guests including Lord Alton, Aidan McQuade, Director of Anti Slavery International, Tom Hoyem, Chairman of the Mende Nazer Foundation, Kamal Kambal, official from Nuba Mountains Solidarity Abroad, Caroline Clegg and Mende Nazer.

“The experience of watching a piece of performance is like no other when it comes to moving people and Slave certainly had an impact on our visitors the other evening. Please convey my sincere thanks to all concerned.” 
Baroness Lola Young 

In Autumn 2011, the production transferred to Riverside Studios in London and from there, went on to a national and (in 2012) international tour. Further international dates and locations are have been discussed, including mainland Europe and North America.


The 2011 cast, in alphabetical order:

Ebony Adjuah Feare - Mende 
Dawn Hope - Umi, Asha, Nungha, Madina, Chorus 
Chris Jack - Babo, Raider, Peter (Embassy Driver), Omer, Aluan Akual Bol (mechanic), Monir, Chorus 
Al Nedjari - Damien, Raider, Abdul Azzim (slave trader), Janiney (gardener), Chorus 
Eric Nzaramba - Ba, Shadal, Soldier, Mustapha, London Babo, Chorus 
Elena Pavli - Rahab, Raider, Hanan, Chorus 
Joe Speare - Kujur, Raider 
Colette Tchantcho - Kehko, Ascuana, Nanu, Teacher, Chorus

The 2010 cast, in alphabetical order:

Damola Adelaja - Ba, Shadal, Soldier, Mustapha, London Babo, Chorus 
Ebony Feare - Kehko, Ascuana, Nanu, Teacher, Chorus 
Chris Jack - Babo, Raider, Peter (Embassy Driver), Omer, Aluan Akual Bol, (mechanic) Monir, Chorus 
Lashana Lynch - Mende 
Sarah Niles - Umi, Asha, Nungha, Madina, Chorus 
Elena Pavli - Rahab, Raider, Hanan, Chorus 
Danny Scheinmann - Damien, Raider, Abdul Azzim (slave trader), Janiney (gardener), Chorus 
Joe Speare - Kujur, Raider

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“Slave - A Question of Freedom is, quite possibly, one of the most rewarding theatrical journeys you’ll ever make ... it’s a theatrical experience I implore you not to miss!” 5 *****

“Thoughtful, thought-provoking and ultimately inspiring” 5 *****

“An important new play ... A terrific ensemble cast” 4 *****


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