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"Robin Hood - The Legend"
1996 - 1997
City Life Reader's Award - Best Theatre Production

This award winning show was specially written in 1996 by Caroline Clegg to fit the stunning location of Dunham Massey Park, Cheshire. It then went on a national tour during 1997.


On the lawns of Dunham Hall, audiences watched a pagan Mayfest, with wrestling, morris dancing and tests of strength. Robin gets wed to the May Queen who turns out to be Maid Marian and this is all before we set off into the forest to encounter Little John. Here Robin gets a real ducking as they fight with quarter staff over a river.


Then deeper into the woods Robin’s men swing from trees over the heads of the audience and the Sheriff puts in a dramatic appearance on horseback. There is a stunning long bow archery contest held by torchlight and many impressive sword fights.


This swashbuckling show was a journey of adventure and intrigue through country parks across the region and was a major critical success. It also involved many groups in community projects.



Jill Greenacre (Maid Marian), Guy Warburton (Robin), Peter Clifford (Sheriff), Chris Kearnes (Will Scarlet), Andy Tomlinson and Mark Curtis in 96 (Alin a Dale), Peter Foster (Little John), Eugene Walker and Jan Linnick in 96 (Friar Tuck), Steph Davey (Young Much), James Masters (Guy of Gisbourne/King James), Carol Alexander (Meg the Mummer), Charles Bartholomew (Prince John), Jill Kemp (Minstral Musician), Trevor Hancock (Sheriff’s Page), Nigel Schaay and Ric Taylor (King Fool).


Production Team:

Caroline Clegg (Writer/Producer/Director), Carola Darwin (Composer), Peter Clifford (Fight Director), MANCAT Students- Martin Fitzpatrick, Jennifer Hayes and Jacqueline Tracey (Costume Design), Oldham Mountain Rescue - Chris Frankland, Mark Hatch (Rigging).

“ was a first for Stockport, a first for Bramall, the launch of a festival and a definite hit for Feelgood… plenty of enterprises try to be the Glyndebourne of the North but Feelgood Theatre Productions at Bramall Hall with picnic lawn and view gave an exciting beginning to a festival that could grow and grow… the feel good factor was extremely high and there cannot be many productions were the artists of the latin quarter paint before your very eyes!...” - Manchester Evening News

“...those bitten by the opera bug couldn’t have failed to enjoy this unpretentious and thoroughly accomplished version of Puccini’s opera...” - Metro News 

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