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by Feelgood Theatre Productions featuring 'Theatre Under Fire'


Heaton Park - Promenade Performance

15th July - 2nd August 2009


In July 2009, Manchesters Masters of Promenade returned to Heaton Park. As with our acclaimed 2002 production of Romeo & Juliet - Thando & Ruvhengo, Feelgood collaborated with outstanding international Zimbabwean artists from Theatre Under Fire to fuse text, a capella singing, dance and drumming into a dynamic and thought provoking 21st century production that transcends political, cultural and racial divides.


In 2006, after fleeing persecution in Zimbabwe, Peter Mutanda and fellow refugees formed the company, Theatre Under Fire. Using their unique performance skills they have quickly become leaders in their field, surviving with dignity, in 2008 receiving the Afro-Brit Community Award for Outstanding Contribution to Arts & Culture and in 2009 the Afro Brit Achievers Award. Creating this production has enabled us to share artistic ideals and celebrate diversity with laughter, song and understanding.


Faz Singhateh (Macbeth), Caroline Clegg (Lady Macbeth), Chris Hollinshead (Macduff), Louisa Eyo (Lady Macduff, Witch, Porter), Clement Moyo (Duncan, Hecate), Dan Willis (Malcolm), Peter Mutanda (Banquo), Eve Robertson (Fleance, Witch), Timba Moyo (Witch), Kabelo Madonko (Ross), Nash Ndlovu (Donaldbain), Danny Topham (Seyton), 
Callum Harrison, Samantha Meek, Robert Madden, Jayden Mosley (Young Macduff).



Whats On Stage 5 Star Review 
“Never have muddy boots seemed so exciting… This production is ripe with vivid images: Duncans murdered body is loaded into a boat, set alight and pushed out to sea; Lady Macbeth roars away from her apartment on a motorbike. The final battle takes place outside the park observatory, the slaying of Macbeth followed by fireworks and a capella singing. Staged against the imposing North Manchester skyline, it makes for a spectacular conclusion. It is the involvement of Theatre Under Fire which elevates Macbeth into the unmissable category. This Leeds-based company was established in 2006 by artists who found themselves “under fire” in their homeland of Zimbabwe and their African dance and drumming give the drama a powerful dramatic pulse. That fifth star is theirs alone.”

Manchester Evening News 4 Star Review 
“Feelgoods Macbeth heavily features the rhythm of the African drumbeat, acapella singing, and dancing. It is an intriguingly novel approach and one that really does work with this particular play. The appearances of the witches, sometimes a bit of a problem for sophisticated modern audiences, also make much more sense in the context of the wild setting. This is a splendidly full blooded production and one thats well worth your time, come rain or shine!”  
Kevin Bourke

“This Macbeth is a fascinating and well-put-together production that allows you to experience the play in a totally different way that is definitely worth the effort.”

David Chadderton, British Theatre Guide.

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