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What the Press are saying ...

" ... a stellar cast who created the light and spooky shade in abundance."

" ... feverishly captivating ... "

" ...  the music was just sublime ..."

"Peter Clifford’s physical presence was scary enough without any action.

He was more Dracula than Peter Cushing for me.

Sinister, statuesque, eyes that bored into my soul and a deep, chilling voice.

This is all before he pulled off a disappearing act that left us gasping ...

that alone should be worth the ticket price!"

 ... "a mesmerising and memorable night out."

What our audiences are saying:

"... exceptionally professional and thoroughly entertaining ... being outside and moving from set to set whilst being captivated by the performance made for an overall healthy and enjoyable experience. 

Long may this type of entertainment continue! 

We would recommend everyone to go along and see for themselves."


The Mitchells, 30/7/19

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"a mesmerising and memorable night out."

Steve Timms, Quays Life 5 Stars


"I loved it!"

Kathryn Gorton, Number9 Reviews