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"Crystal Clear"
Presented to HRH The Queen at the opening of The Quays Theatre, The Lowry

Feelgood’s ‘Crystal Clear’ was the first show at the official opening of The Lowry by Her Majesty The Queen and HRH Prince Philip.  After being presented to HRH the production enjoyed a successful run at The Lowry and Karina Jones was nominated for Best Actress at the Manchester Evening News Awards.


‘Crystal Clear’ is a moving parable about human selfishness in the face of unbearable cruelty of fate and for the first time a visually impaired actress - Karina Foxworth Jones - played the role of Thomasina who earlier in the year instigated government research into theatre employment for the disabled.


At the start of this beautiful and moving play Richard, a diabetic who has already lost the sight of one eye, brings the serene, blind Thomasina to his untidy flat. Over a period of time their intense, joyous love for each other contrasts with his collapsing relationship with the insecure Jane.  When he loses the sight of his other eye Richard rages impotently and in an immensely moving final scene he and Thomasina confront the basic question of how successfully two blind people can live in a world made for the sighted.


Working on two levels the play is a sharp study of the experience of blindness as well as a picture of love trying to shut out the dark.


Community & Education Project

Feelgood worked closely with The Royal National Institute for the Blind to find a visually impaired actress and to promote their ‘Talking Images’ project.  Talking Images opens the worlds of entertainment and leisure to people with sight loss.  All the shows were audio described for visually impaired people.


The cast underwent professional training at Henshaws Society for the Blind in Old Trafford and Feelgood’s community & education team led workshops in schools, at Henshaws and on the set at The Lowry for sighted and disabled children and adults of all ages.  This was a very successful project developing access, inclusion and training.



Karina Foxweth Jones (Thomasina), Patrick Bridgeman (Richard), Claire Webzell (Jane).


Production Team:

Caroline Clegg (Producer/Director), Allison Clarke (Designer), Gaily Wroth (Lighting), Anne Hornsby (Audio Describer).

“...a stunning play of great passion, wit and above all honesty...” - Financial Times

“...this valid and sincere revival confirms the serious intent of the play. Feelgoods sensitive production, with partially sighted Karina Jones playing the part of the blind girl - the first time someone with this disability has played the role - delivers a powerful view of the pain of blindness.” - Manchester Evening News 

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